Why The Vikings of Valhalla Is a Must-See for Fans of Viking

Vikings of Valhalla

The Vikings of Valhalla is a historical action-adventure movie directed by Erik Leijonborg and produced by Netflix. The movie is set in 9th century Scandinavia and follows a group of Viking warriors who are chosen to embark on a dangerous mission to retrieve the mythical Horn of Heimdall from the underworld.

The Plot

The movie opens with a group of Vikings led by the fierce warrior, Torstein (played by Alexander Dreymon), who are on a raiding mission. During their raid, they come across an ancient map that leads to the Horn of Heimdall, a mythical object said to have the power to bring the dead back to life.

They are approached by a mysterious woman named Freyja (played by Alicia Vikander), who tells them that they have been chosen by the gods to retrieve the horn from the underworld and bring it back to the world of the living. Despite their initial reluctance, Torstein and his warriors embark on the dangerous mission, facing numerous obstacles and enemies along the way.

The Characters

The movie features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique personalities and motivations. Alexander Dreymon delivers an excellent performance as Torstein, a battle-hardened warrior who is fiercely loyal to his fellow Vikings. Alicia Vikander is equally impressive as Freyja, the enigmatic woman who guides the Vikings on their mission.

The supporting cast includes Gustaf Skarsgård as Harald, a wise and respected Viking warrior, and Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, a fierce shield-maiden who fights alongside Torstein and his warriors. The chemistry between the cast members is excellent, and they all bring their A-game to the movie.

The Visuals

The Vikings of Valhalla is a visually stunning movie, with breathtaking landscapes and impressive special effects. The movie was shot on location in Iceland, and the rugged terrain and majestic landscapes add to the movie’s overall atmosphere. The special effects used to bring the underworld to life are also top-notch, creating a haunting and eerie atmosphere that perfectly captures the otherworldly nature of the horn’s resting place.

The Verdict

The Vikings of Valhalla is an entertaining and well-made movie that will appeal to fans of historical action-adventures. The movie boasts an impressive cast of actors, stunning visuals, and an engaging plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. If you’re looking for a thrilling and visually stunning movie to watch, then The Vikings of Valhalla is definitely worth checking out.

The Soundtrack

The movie’s soundtrack, composed by Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrén, adds to the overall atmosphere of the movie. The score is a mix of traditional Viking-inspired music and modern orchestral arrangements, which perfectly capture the movie’s blend of historical and fantastical elements. The soundtrack also features vocals by Swedish singer Lisa Nilsson, whose haunting voice adds to the movie’s ethereal and mystical feel.

The Action Scenes

The Vikings of Valhalla features some intense and well-choreographed action scenes that showcase the Vikings’ fighting prowess. The battles are brutal and visceral, with blood and gore aplenty. However, the movie doesn’t glorify violence but rather shows the consequences of war and the toll it takes on those who fight it. The action scenes also serve to drive the plot forward and keep the audience engaged.

The Mythology

The Vikings of Valhalla incorporates Norse mythology into its storyline, with references to gods like Odin, Thor, and Loki. The movie also explores the Viking belief in an afterlife, with the underworld serving as a major plot point. The mythology adds depth and richness to the movie’s world-building, and fans of Norse mythology will appreciate the movie’s attention to detail.

The Themes

The Vikings of Valhalla explores themes of loyalty, honor, and sacrifice. The Vikings are shown to be a tight-knit community that values loyalty and brotherhood above all else. They are willing to risk their lives for their fellow warriors and will stop at nothing to complete their mission. The movie also shows the consequences of pride and arrogance, with characters learning hard lessons about the dangers of overconfidence.

The Costumes and Set Design

The Vikings of Valhalla features impressive costumes and set design that help transport viewers back to the 9th century. The Vikings’ clothing and armor are historically accurate, and the attention to detail is evident in every scene. The movie’s sets are equally impressive, with the Viking longhouses and ships looking authentic and lived-in. The production design team did an excellent job of creating a believable and immersive world for the characters to inhabit.

The Diversity of the Cast

The Vikings of Valhalla features a diverse cast, with actors from different backgrounds and ethnicities. This adds to the movie’s authenticity, as Vikings were known to come from various regions of Scandinavia and beyond. The diverse cast also helps to challenge stereotypes and showcases the talent of actors from different backgrounds.

The Character Development

The Vikings of Valhalla features well-developed characters who undergo significant growth throughout the movie. Torstein, in particular, starts out as a ruthless warrior but learns the importance of teamwork and sacrifice as the mission progresses. Freyja also undergoes significant development, with her mysterious motives being revealed as the story unfolds. The supporting characters are also given their moments to shine, with Harald and Lagertha providing valuable contributions to the mission.

The Emotional Impact

The Vikings of Valhalla has several emotional moments that add depth and poignancy to the movie. The characters’ struggles and sacrifices are not glossed over, and the consequences of their actions are shown to have a significant impact on their lives. The movie’s ending, in particular, is emotionally powerful and provides a satisfying conclusion to the story.

The Overall Impact

The Vikings of Valhalla is a movie that successfully balances action, mythology, and character development. It features an impressive cast, stunning visuals, and an engaging plot that keeps the audience invested. The attention to detail in the costumes, sets, and soundtrack helps to transport viewers back to the Viking age. The movie’s themes of loyalty, honor, and sacrifice are relevant and thought-provoking. Overall, The Vikings of Valhalla is a must-watch for anyone interested in historical action-adventure movies, Norse mythology, or simply a great story.


The Vikings of Valhalla is a well-crafted and entertaining movie that successfully blends historical accuracy with fantastical elements. The movie features an excellent cast, stunning visuals, and a memorable soundtrack. The action scenes are intense, and the mythology adds depth to the movie’s world-building. The themes explored in the movie are relevant and thought-provoking. Overall, The Vikings of Valhalla is a must-watch for fans of historical action-adventure movies and Norse mythology.


FAQs About Vikings of Valhalla

Q. Is The Vikings of Valhalla based on a true story?

The Vikings of Valhalla is a work of fiction that draws inspiration from Norse mythology and Viking history. While the movie incorporates historical and cultural elements, it is not based on a specific true story or historical event.

Q. Is The Vikings of Valhalla appropriate for children?

The Vikings of Valhalla is rated R for violence, gore, and language. It may not be suitable for young children, but parents can make an informed decision based on their child’s maturity level and sensitivity to violence.

Q. Who stars in The Vikings of Valhalla?

The Vikings of Valhalla features a talented cast that includes Alexander Skarsgård as Torstein, Alicia Vikander as Freyja, and Gustaf Skarsgård as Harald. Other notable cast members include Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha and Travis Fimmel as Ragnar.

Q. Is The Vikings of Valhalla available to stream?

The Vikings of Valhalla is currently available to stream on various online platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Q. Will there be a sequel to The Vikings of Valhalla?

As of now, there is no official word on a sequel to The Vikings of Valhalla. However, given the positive reception to the movie, it is possible that a sequel could be in the works in the future.

Q. Is The Vikings of Valhalla available in different languages?

The Vikings of Valhalla was originally produced in English, but it is available in dubbed and subtitled versions in various languages, depending on the country and streaming platform.

Q. What inspired the creators of The Vikings of Valhalla?

The creators of The Vikings of Valhalla drew inspiration from Norse mythology, Viking history, and popular Viking-themed TV shows and movies such as Vikings and The Last Kingdom. They aimed to create a movie that would appeal to fans of historical action-adventure stories and showcase the rich culture and traditions of the Vikings.

Q. Who directed The Vikings of Valhalla?

The Vikings of Valhalla was directed by David Sandberg, a Swedish filmmaker known for his work on the action-comedy short film Kung Fury and the superhero movie Shazam!.

Q. What sets The Vikings of Valhalla apart from other Viking-themed movies?

The Vikings of Valhalla stands out for its attention to detail, well-developed characters, and balance between action and mythology. The movie avoids clichés and stereotypes and portrays the Vikings as complex and multi-dimensional individuals. Additionally, the diverse cast and themes of loyalty and sacrifice add depth and relevance to the story.

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