Apharan: A Thrilling Indian Crime Series


Apharan is an Indian crime thriller series that premiered on the OTT platform ALTBalaji in 2018. The series is directed by Siddharth Sengupta and produced by Ekta Kapoor. It features an ensemble cast of popular actors, including Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Varun Badola, Nidhi Singh, and Monica Chaudhary. The series received critical acclaim for its gripping storyline, impressive performances, and gritty visuals. In this blog, we will take a closer look at Apharan and explore what makes it such a must-watch series.

Plot Summary

The series revolves around the story of Rudra Srivastava, a former cop who is now a struggling actor. Rudra is offered a role in a film by a wealthy businessman, but it turns out to be a trap, and he is kidnapped by a gang of criminals. The gang leader, Laxman, wants Rudra to kidnap a young girl, Anusha, in exchange for his freedom. Rudra is hesitant at first, but he eventually agrees to the plan.

However, things don’t go as planned, and Rudra finds himself in the middle of a web of deceit, betrayal, and violence. As he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding Anusha’s kidnapping, Rudra is forced to confront his past and make difficult choices that will have far-reaching consequences.


Apharan features a diverse range of characters, each with their own motivations, secrets, and flaws. Arunoday Singh delivers a standout performance as Rudra Srivastava, the flawed protagonist who is both sympathetic and unpredictable. Mahie Gill is equally impressive as Madhu, Rudra’s ex-girlfriend who still has feelings for him and gets caught up in the dangerous world of crime. Varun Badola plays the role of Laxman, the ruthless gang leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Nidhi Singh shines as Anusha, the kidnapped girl who has her own secrets and surprises in store.


Apharan explores several themes that are relevant to Indian society, such as corruption, power struggles, and the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry. The series also touches upon universal themes like redemption, revenge, and the consequences of one’s actions. Through its complex characters and layered storyline, Apharan offers a nuanced portrayal of the criminal underworld and the people who inhabit it.

Visuals and Soundtrack

One of the standout features of Apharan is its gritty and realistic visuals, which capture the seedy world of crime with a visceral intensity. The series also features a well-curated soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere and enhances the emotional impact of key scenes.

The Cultural Context

One of the reasons why Apharan resonates with Indian audiences is its portrayal of the social and cultural context of the country. The series takes place in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is known for its high crime rate and political corruption. By weaving in elements of local politics and social dynamics, Apharan provides a nuanced perspective on the challenges faced by people living in this region.

The Evolution of the Characters

Throughout the series, the characters in Apharan undergo significant transformations as they grapple with their personal demons and navigate the treacherous world of crime. Rudra, in particular, goes through a major arc as he confronts his past mistakes and tries to make amends. This evolution of the characters makes the series feel more dynamic and engaging, as viewers are invested in seeing how their favorite characters will grow and change.

The Impact of Streaming Platforms

Apharan is part of a growing trend of Indian web series that are being produced exclusively for streaming platforms like ALTBalaji and Netflix. This shift towards online platforms has allowed filmmakers and writers to explore more daring and unconventional themes, as they are not bound by the censorship regulations of traditional television. This has led to a surge in high-quality content that is pushing the boundaries of Indian entertainment.

The Legacy of the Series

Since its release in 2018, Apharan has become a cult favorite among fans of Indian crime dramas. Its success has inspired other filmmakers and writers to take risks and create more ambitious content for the Indian market. With a second season already in the works, Apharan is poised to continue its legacy as one of the most compelling and thought-provoking crime series in recent memory.

The Role of Women

Apharan stands out for its portrayal of women, who are not just relegated to the roles of victims or supporting characters. The series features strong female characters who are integral to the plot and are portrayed with agency and complexity. Madhu, for instance, is a woman who has made mistakes in the past but is not defined by them. Anusha, too, is more than just a damsel in distress, as she has her own secrets and motivations. This representation of women is refreshing and helps to elevate the series above more stereotypical portrayals of women in crime dramas.

The Use of Humor

While Apharan is a dark and intense series, it also features moments of humor and levity. This helps to balance out the tone of the show and make it more enjoyable to watch. The humor is often used to highlight the absurdity of the situations that the characters find themselves in and adds an extra layer of depth to their personalities.

The Performance of the Cast

The cast of Apharan is one of its biggest strengths, with each actor delivering a memorable and nuanced performance. Arunoday Singh, in particular, is a revelation as Rudra, bringing both vulnerability and intensity to the role. Mahie Gill is equally impressive as Madhu, infusing the character with a sense of emotional complexity that makes her stand out. The rest of the cast is also excellent, with each actor bringing their own unique style and energy to their respective roles.

The Cinematography

Apharan features stunning cinematography that captures the seedy underbelly of the crime world with a sense of gritty realism. The series is shot in a way that makes the viewer feel like they are right in the middle of the action, with the camera often positioned at unconventional angles to create a sense of disorientation. The use of lighting and color also adds to the atmosphere, with dark and shadowy scenes adding to the tension and suspense.

The Exploration of Themes

Apharan is not just a crime drama, but also a commentary on various themes that are relevant to Indian society. The series explores the themes of power, corruption, redemption, and the dark side of ambition. It also sheds light on the impact of politics on law and order, and how crime and politics often go hand in hand in certain parts of India. The show does a great job of highlighting these themes without being preachy, making it both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The Music and Sound Design

Apharan also boasts a memorable soundtrack and sound design that complements the visuals and adds to the overall atmosphere of the show. The music is a mix of traditional Indian instruments and modern beats, creating a unique sound that matches the gritty, urban setting of the series. The sound design, too, is top-notch, with realistic sound effects that help to immerse the viewer in the world of the show.

The Realism

Apharan is a series that feels authentic and realistic in its portrayal of the crime world. The series does not shy away from depicting violence, and the consequences of criminal behavior are shown in a visceral and unflinching way. The show also captures the grimy, chaotic, and unpredictable nature of the criminal underworld, creating a sense of tension and suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Writing

Apharan’s writing is one of its biggest strengths, with a tightly plotted storyline that keeps viewers engaged throughout the series. The show’s writers do a great job of balancing the various subplots and character arcs, ensuring that each one feels relevant and contributes to the overall narrative. The dialogue is also well-written, with memorable one-liners and sharp exchanges that add to the show’s overall appeal.

The Influence on Indian Web Series

Apharan has had a significant impact on the Indian web series landscape, inspiring other filmmakers and writers to explore more daring and unconventional themes. The success of Apharan has shown that there is a market for high-quality content that is not bound by traditional censorship regulations. This has led to a surge in Indian web series that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Indian entertainment, and Apharan can be credited with playing a role in this cultural shift.


In conclusion, Apharan is a must-watch series that has set a new standard for Indian crime dramas. With its gripping plot, well-developed characters, stunning cinematography, and thought-provoking exploration of themes, it is a series that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The series has not only entertained audiences but has also played a role in shifting the cultural landscape of Indian entertainment, inspiring other filmmakers and writers to explore more daring and unconventional themes. With a second season on the horizon, the future looks bright for Apharan, and it is definitely a series worth adding to your watchlist.


Frequently Asked Questions about Apharan

Q: What is Apharan about?

A: Apharan is an Indian crime thriller web series that follows the story of a disgraced police officer, Rudra Srivastava, who is blackmailed into kidnapping a wealthy businessman’s daughter in exchange for clearing his name.

Q: Where can I watch Apharan?

A: Apharan is available to stream on the Indian streaming platform, ALT Balaji. It is also available on the streaming platform, ZEE5.

Q: Is Apharan suitable for children?

A: No, Apharan is not suitable for children due to its graphic violence, strong language, and adult themes.

Q: How many episodes are in Apharan?

A: Apharan consists of 12 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 40-50 minutes.

Q: Who stars in Apharan?

A: Apharan stars Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Nidhi Singh, Varun Badola, and Monica Chaudhary in lead roles.

Q: Is there a second season of Apharan?

A: Yes, a second season of Apharan is currently in the works and is expected to release in the near future.

Q: Who directed Apharan?

A: Apharan is directed by Siddharth Sen Gupta, who is also the creator and writer of the series.

Q: Is Apharan based on a true story?

A: No, Apharan is a work of fiction and is not based on a true story.

Q: What language is Apharan available in?

A: Apharan is primarily in Hindi but is available with English subtitles.

Q: Is Apharan a remake of a foreign series?

A: No, Apharan is an original Indian series and is not a remake of any foreign series.

Q: What sets Apharan apart from other crime dramas?

A: Apharan sets itself apart from other crime dramas with its unique blend of action, suspense, and humor. It also stands out for its exploration of themes relevant to Indian society, such as corruption and the nexus between crime and politics.

Q: How has Apharan been received by audiences and critics?

A: Apharan has been well-received by both audiences and critics, with praise for its gripping plot, strong performances, and stylish direction. It has also been noted for its contribution to the Indian web series landscape, inspiring other filmmakers to push the boundaries of what is possible in Indian entertainment.

Q: Is Apharan suitable for international audiences?

A: Yes, Apharan can be enjoyed by international audiences due to its universal themes and engaging storytelling. The show also has English subtitles, making it accessible to non-Hindi speakers.

Q: Is there any explicit content in Apharan?

A: Yes, Apharan has scenes of violence, strong language, and sexual content, making it unsuitable for younger viewers and those who may be sensitive to such content.

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