Alakh Pandey Net Worth 2023: An Overview

Alakh Pandey Net Worth
NameAlakh Pandey
Birt Date02-10-1991
Age32 Years 01 Month
Born atPrayagraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, India
Net Worth96.8 crores INR.
Wife NameMrs. Shivani Dubey
Father NameMr. Satish Pandey
Mother NameMrs. Rajat Pandey
YouTube ChannelPhysics Wallah
ProfessionEducator, Motivational Speaker

Alakh Pandey, a YouTuber and educator from India, is well-known. He founded Physics Wallah, an educational YouTube channel for students. His YouTube channel has more than 10.1 million subscribers, and was recognized by Guinness World Records for being the most subscribed channel in the category of education.

This blog will look at Alakh’s net worth and the factors contributing to it in 2023.

Early Childhood Education

Alakh Pandey, born in India on 9 November 1995, was raised in a village called Khurja, located in the Bulandshahr District of Uttar Pradesh. He graduated from a government-run school in his hometown and then pursued physics at the University of Delhi.


Alakh Pandey began his career in Kota as a Physics Teacher in a coaching centre. He started his YouTube channel, Physics Wallah, in 2017 with the goal of offering free educational content for students. His YouTube channel was an instant success, and he quickly gained a large following.

Physics Wallah, with more than 10.1 million subscribers, is today one of India’s most popular educational YouTube channels. Alakh Pandey, in addition to his YouTube channel has launched a Physics Wallah app, which offers online courses and study materials for students.

Net Worth by 2023

Alakh Pandey’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at around Rs 96.8 Crores. His YouTube channel and online course are his primary sources of income, which generates revenue from advertisements, sponsorships and merchandise sales.

Alakh Pandey, aside from his online ventures and coaching center Physics Wallah Classes which has branches in several cities in India, also makes money from offline coaching centers. He also makes money from public appearances and brand endorsements.

Future Plans

Alakh Pandey has a passion for education and wants to revolutionize how students learn. He wants to reach out to more students in India and abroad and offer them quality education. He plans to add new features to his app and launch new courses to make it easier to use.

Investments and Properties

Alakh Pandey also has invested in different properties and stocks that have increased his net worth. He has a luxury house in Delhi, and several properties in other cities in India.

Charity Work

Alakh Pandey’s charitable work is well-known, in addition to his entrepreneurial activities. He has contributed to many causes including education and health care. He also founded a non profit organization called Physics Wallah Foundation that provides educational opportunities and scholarships to underprivileged children.

Social Media Presence

Alakh Pandey also uses social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to interact with his fans and share his thoughts. He has more than 3.5 million Instagram followers and over 900k Twitter followers.

Awards and Recognition

Alakh Pandey’s contribution to education has been recognized with several awards. Digital School Awards listed him among the top 50 Indian educational influencers for 2021. He has been featured in several publications, including Forbes India and Hindustan Times.

Education Industry Influence

Alakh Pandey’s success in India has had a major impact on the industry of education. Many young entrepreneurs have been inspired by him to launch their own business in the education industry. His innovative teaching style and use of technology has also had a positive impact on the way Indian students learn.

Impact on Education Sector

Alakh Pandey Physics Wallah has made a major impact on India’s education sector. The channel has changed the way in which students learn, by offering free and high-quality education online. The online education has made quality education available to students in rural areas, who might not otherwise have had access to it. In his footsteps, many other YouTubers have created their own channels that provide free educational material.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Alakh Pandey, in addition to his educational ventures has invested in other businesses. He has invested in startup companies such as EduRev Technologies and WhizHack Technologies. He also has his own merchandise and has worked with different brands.

Education and Academic Background

Alakh Pandey completed his Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of Delhi. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Rajasthan. He holds a Master’s in Physics from University of Kota.

Family and Personal Life

Alakh Pandey has a very private life. He has a married son. In his interviews, he has said that his family is a constant support and source of motivation for him.

Social Work

Alakh Pandey is not only active in his charity work with the Physics Wallah Foundation but also has a wide range of social causes. He has raised environmental awareness, and donated money to disaster relief funds.

The conclusion of the article is:

Alakh Pandey’s net worth by 2023 will be a reflection of his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to education. He is also passionate about social causes. Not only has he achieved financial success, but he has also had a significant influence on the Indian education sector. His innovative teaching style and use of technology has made education available to millions of Indian students. His continued efforts will inspire many in the future.


FAQs related to Alakh Pandey net worth and career:

Q. What is Alakh Pandey net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Alakh Pandey net worth is estimated to be around Rs 96.8 crores.

Q. What is the primary source of Alakh Pandey income?

Alakh Pandey primary source of income is his YouTube channel and online courses. He also earns from his offline coaching center, brand endorsements, and public appearances.

Q. What is Physics Wallah?

Physics Wallah is a YouTube channel started by Alakh Pandey in 2017. It provides free educational content in the field of Physics for students.

Q. What is Physics Wallah Classes?

Physics Wallah Classes is an offline coaching center started by Alakh Pandey. It has several branches in different cities in India.

Q. What is Physics Wallah Foundation?

Physics Wallah Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Alakh Pandey. It provides scholarships and educational opportunities to underprivileged students.

Q. What has been Alakh Pandey impact on the education sector in India?

Alakh Pandey Physics Wallah channel has changed the way students learn by providing free and quality education online. It has also made education accessible to students from rural areas who may not have access to quality education.

Q. What are Alakh Pandey future plans?

Alakh Pandey plans to expand his reach and provide quality education to students across India and beyond. He also plans to launch new courses and add more features to his app to make it more user-friendly.

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